Nun ist das freiwillige Jahr vorüber...


At the beginning of the year I wrote that I wanted to be helpful, and now that the year is coming to an end I can confidently say that I’ve been helpful and useful to Madchenzentrum.

I tried to bring my own personal touch by organising new activities like French lessons and Poetry workshops. I really enjoyed preparing and doing those activites and it seems like the girls did too.

What I also keep in mind are all the chats and conversations I had with the girls, outside of those activities. As a lot of them come from other countries, it was  very interesting to be able to exchange and learn from them. I hope I taught them some things, but they for sure taught me a lot.

Even if it was a bit difficult at the beginning , because there was a lot of informations and I didn’t speak any german, I very quickly felt like a part of the team, and my wheelchair or my disability never seem to be a problem.  

This year at Madchenzentrum made me understand that being helpful and useful to other people is really something that makes me feel good and that I want to keep doing that in my professional life.

Hermine, 02.09.2020

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