HILAL - How can I go abroad without money?

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This question is one of the questions I hear the most in my environment! My all friends want to go to another country.

And the number of people who want to go abroad is increasing every year, but the number of opportunities to go abroad are also decreasing! Especially with the increasing xenophobia, harsh immigration policies and the recent pandemic, many countries have closed their borders to foreigners temporarily or permanently. In addition, if you do not have enough money to live abroad, everything is even more difficult.

In this article, I want to talk about one of the ways of going abroad, which I’m here thanks to it. What’s more, you don’t need to have money for this way ! And also you don’t need to have a profession or be a student.

Maybe this doesn’t sound real. But yes, this is really possible thanks to the European Solidarity Corps.


  • So What is about this program ?

The European Solidarity Corps is an EU funding programme for young people who are between 18-30 years old. By this program you engage in solidarity activities in a variety of areas. These range from helping the disadvantaged to humanitarian aid, as well as contributing to health and environmental action. So basically you work as a volunteer.

  • Well.. What support is provided to the volunteer?

Firstly how these supports will be met and what their content will be depends on the conditions of the project, the host institution and the country you will go to. Therefore, before being accepted into the project, please find out the details of the supports below from the host institution (for example, during the Skype interview).

  • Travel Support

You will be paid for your round-trip travel expenses to the country where the project will take place.

  • Accommodation Support

The host institution provides you with voluntary home, dormitory or homestay support.

  • Meal Support

Often you will be paid a small fee for this. And sometimes the host institution can provide you with 3 meals directly.

  • Local Transportation Support

During the activities of the project for which you are accepted, the local transportation between the accommodation and the activity site is also covered by the host institution within the scope of the project.

  • Health insurance

If you are accepted to ESC volunteering projects, you will benefit from a private health insurance for the duration of the program within the scope of the program.

  • Visa Support

When you are accepted to a project, all of your visa and residence permit expenses are covered from the project budget. However, the cost of issuing a passport is not included.

  • Language Education Support

You are expected to attend the language course of the country you are visiting. This language course is also provided to you free of charge.

  • Pocket Money Support

In ESC volunteering projects, in addition to all the support above, you are also paid monthly pocket money.


Is it really good, right ? I am very grateful for ESC.  Thanks to this program, I had the opportunity to live in Austria for 1 year without financial burden on my family.

If you want to experience living abroad, all you have to do is prepare a resume and apply!

Here you can find further information about ESC


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