2 Monate Mädchenzentrum/EqualiZ - HILAL ERZÄHLT wie es ihr ergangen ist

Hilal K

Hello again !

It has been exactly 2 months since I came here.

Actually living abroad was challenging at the beginning. For example, I didn’t feel comfortable speaking English at the beginning . But now I am completely used to my workplace, this city and social environment.

I also continue to take German lessons at the center. Learning German is also one of the factors that make it easier for me to adapt to the environment.

October has been a very busy month. We did many different activities at EqualiZ. It’s a little hard to include all the events here. But I can give an example of the most interesting and enjoyable activities for me: going to the garden and working together, voice training workshop, painting, and doing yoga. And also there was an Open House day. On that day, there were different kinds of workshops about technology, other cultures, and crafts. It was also interesting.

Apart from these planned activities, sometimes we just danced, sometimes we made beaded necklaces, and sometimes we just talked, according to the wishes of the girls who came to the Mädchen*reff.

Another important event of this month for me is the Arrival Training in Vienna. And it was much better than I expected. We learned about Austria, we talked about our goals and what we want here. We organized an Austrian night, cooked and learned Austrian songs and dances. And we did many other enjoyable and useful activities.

In addition to the project I am working on, I am very happy with my social life here.

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In the first days of my arrival, there was no one in the dormitory and it was difficult to meet people. But then people started coming for university and everything got better. I meet people from different countries. I usually spend my free time with these people. We go to the lake, take a walk on the mountain, try local foods, visit other cities and countries and lots of parties 🙂 So far, I had a chance to Visit Croatia, Vienna and Ljubljana. I also visited some small towns in Klagenfurt.

I’m so glad to came to Klagenfurt. Thanks to this project, I get to know new cultures, make friends from different countries, travel, learn languages etc. It has already contributed a lot to me.

I can’t even imagine the experiences I will have after 1 year.

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